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1st Legal Lawyers

 Founded in 2009

First Legal Ltd are Lawyers based in Ayr. If you contact our firm one of our solicitors will speak with you to provide some free initial advice. Our lawyers live and work in and around Ayr; we know the courts and how they operate. We are regularly instructed to appear in courts and tribunals throughout Scotland.

Criminal Lawyer Tony Currie opened the doors in 2009 Since then, Claire Currie has joined the firm to offer additional services in mental health law, and also children’s matters.

1st Legal Lawyers

Expert help & advice that is local to you - call 01292 290 666  today.


Tony Currie


Tony Currie is a highly experienced court lawyer. He has successfully defended numerous clients, over many years, at all Scottish Courts. He has secured acquittals in the following:


High Court (Murder/Serious Crime);

Sheriff Court (Domestic prosecution/Assault/Drugs offences);

Justice of the Peace Court (Road Traffic proceedings)

Tony has built his reputation on working tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for clients and those accused of a criminal offence.

Tony will attend to clients who have been arrested and taken to a Police Station for interview, at any time, day or night.

Contact Tony 01292 290 666

Our Associates

I have hired Claire for a number of years now. You have dealt with me in a professional way and showed much understanding and compassion when dealing with any enquiries I had.

You have been persistent, fair and very transparent, I can honestly say I have the best lawyer to fight on my behalf, and if i need someone reliable then I can 100% rely on Claire

Thank you for your hard work

Children's Matters

1st Legal Lawyers

24 hour service

At 1st Legal Ltd we guarantee free initial meeting; Consideration of papers and our expert, straightforward initial advice on prospects of success. We offer a no initial charge, 24 hour service with all calls and messages returned promptly.

Assessment of entitlement to legal aid;

All fees are regularly reviewed and accounted for.

Get in touch with us to set up a consultation.

01292 290 666

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