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Parole Board Matters

Rebuilding Lives, Embracing Second Chances

Parole Board in Scotland 

Parole is the conditional release of an offender from custody under the supervision of a social worker. When an offender is granted Parole, they serve the unexpired portion of their prison sentence in the community.

Offenders who do not obtain Parole and are released at the end of their sentence are not subject to the supervision, support and ongoing rehabilitation in the community that Parole provides.

It is the Parole Board in Scotland who decide whether a particular offender will be released on Parole. In deciding whether to grant the release of an offender on Parole, the Board’s primary consideration is community safety and whether the risk that a person poses can be appropriately managed in the community.

The purpose of Parole is to supervise and support the reintegration of offenders into the community. This supervision and support benefits the wider community by reducing the risk that offenders will commit further offences when released into the community.


 Whether by assisting determinate sentence prisoners in drafting their self-representations or representing Life Prisoners at their Tribunal we are ready and able to help.

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